I’m rewatching some Charmed right now.. 

just some random picked episodes , mostly where paige is in it .. which i now regret, because i know now why i hated her so much when i was younger :P

she’s always complaining about cole & always putting him down & ruining phoebes& coles relationship..

i mean, yes in the end she was right all along, but i still hate her for always trying to cause drama  & being the center of attention .. i also really really liked cole :(

i missed him in the charmed final .. oh old good times. i always watched charmed right after i came home from school & i always felt soo cool, bc my mom didnt want me to watch it, cause there were so many ugly asses & alot of blood & i was just 10 or something, but i watched it anyways .. but when she came into my room & saw me watch it she was always like ..:

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